How to use your cycle?

The menstrual cycle affects our body and well-being. It is the influence of hormones that make us feel worse while on period, and at other times, we feel a sudden surge of energy. Therefore, our needs change in different phases of the cycle. How can we support our body so that it can increase its capabilities and make better of this potential? You will find out about it in our menstrual compendium.


While observing your menstrual cycle you can notice changes both in your body and well-being. Do you know, however, that you can take some measures to make the most of a given phase? It is possible.

You can support your cycle with what you eat. It turns out that a balanced diet helps optimize your cycle, reduce problems related to your period, reduce pain, or increase energy.

In turn, adjusting physical activity to your phases of the cycle might improve your mood and performance and help reduce the risk of injury.

We encourage you to read our menstrual compendium. Check out how to make the most of your female potential.

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