Diversity potential

Due to the fact that women less often manage large corporations, business still … lacks a variety of points of view. Not only women, but people of different nationalities, people with disabilities, non-heterosexuals, with different skin colours, etc. White, heterosexual men with families with children dominate the C-suite today. They are very important, efficient, and useful, but they do not represent the whole society. The potential of various teams, apart from the social dimension, also brings the documented option of greater profits.

When I hear “a working woman” I picture my… my mother. A small town, four children, an unsupportive husband, and then no one, and a teacher’s salary. To this day, I do not know where she got the strength for all of this from!

Are women the weak sex? When I hear that, I remember what happened… there aren’t any. Each of us, regardless of gender, has better and worse days, we are just human, and we don’t have to be perfect.

What hinders women from pursuing a career the most is … the lack of a systemic approach to teaching self-confidence already at the school stage. Currently, there are no systemic solutions regarding the balance in exercising caring roles, now different for women and men.

If I could introduce one provision to encourage women to professional activity, it would be … the one related to creating and establishing an equivalent, inalienable and non-transferable parental leave for the child’s father.

In the women I work with, I am impressed by… the mutual support they show for each other both on the professional level and in living together at different stages of life.

In order to support women in my company, I decided that ... at NatWest we have dozens of different solutions, giving just a few examples: from the Keep in Touch program, in which we take care of planners, who are on and returning from prolonged absences, through mass development programs especially for girls, the possibility of taking advantage of additional leave for victims of domestic violence or the InVitro subsidy.

What I would most like to hear from the women I employ is… it’s nice that we can do something good together for others. I can hear you!

Menstruation at work is still taboo… completely unnecessary, it’s part of our physiology. Professionally active women, from Western civilizations, live on average about 450 periods in their lives, and in total it lasts almost 10 years. It is impossible to ignore it because it is an important part of our life, often causing ailments and a time when we want to be sure that we have access to hygiene products. Recognizing and naming the topic in the workplace will allow you to tame it, and free access to sanitary pads or tampons will certainly be appreciated by menstruating people!