Want to create a friendly workplace for your employees?

Employee health and wellbeing are your priority?

Wondering how you can inspire greater employee engagement?

Join Career Cycle, a new programme of the Kulczyk Foundation.


What is Career Cycle? It is a nationwide programme for employers.Any business, institution, public agency or community organisation with employees is welcome to join.

What is the purpose of the programme? Men and women have different needs. We should keep this in mind if we want them to have equal opportunities at work. The first edition of the programme will focus on ensuring widespread access to period products in the workplace and increasing awareness on menstrual health.Another goal is to break down unnecessary taboos about something as natural as a period.

Who can join the programme? Employers who want to create a modern and employee-friendly workplace. By recognising gender differences and being able to address the needs of all employees a business increases its chances of growth and, ultimately, gains competitive advantage.It is also a way to inspire greater employee engagement and exploit untapped employee potential.

Did you know that...

We spend a considerable part of our lives in the workplace, but still:

73% of women
hide a sanitary pad or tampon on their way to the bathroom.
51% of men
claim that it is inappropriate to mention menstruation in the workplace.
42% of women
have experienced embarrassment because of their menstruation in the workplace.
20% of women
report that their periods interfere with their daily activities such as work.

Source: Thinx